Irrigation and supplies

IDECONSA makes pipe fittings for irrigation, then supplies and distributes them to the population. This work includes capturing through probes or gravity samples. The elevation through pumps and automation from its source in rivers and canals until the water use point.

Other work

In the beginning, IDECONSA focused activity on Waterworks construction, which is why we are specialists in all kinds of work in this sector. We can take on waterworks construction even with prominent difficulties.

Capacity stations

IDECONSA has built more than one hundred gauging stations throughout Spain, Concentrating most of them in Catalonia, Galicia, Cantabria, Aragon, Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla-Leon and Andalusia.

Canalization and cleaning

Working on rivers brings greater problems than other types of operation problems. The continuous contact with water and possible floods or flooding, are situations that must be added to the usual standard of any work.


Water is the source of wealth and development. Good management and storage resources provide the population with possibilities of present and future consumption.

Canals and reservoirs

As an experienced constructor, IDECONSA carried out more than an estimated 250 kilometres of canals and irrigation ditches.

Water Quality

In this section, there have been more than 50 communities that have been intervened with. It is worth mentioning the Huesca Treatment Station, with a treatment capacity of 130,000, equivalent to the population.

Reservoirs and Dams

In 1967 IDECONSA began the construction of its first reservoir: “Reservoir for regulation for Magallon in Tarazona”. The dam was compacted soil clay, internally lined with concrete slabs and a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters.

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