IDECONSA was founded in Tarazona (Zaragoza) in 1963.

When times did not offer possibilities or support to entrepreneurs, the effort and dedication of a committed management and all the employees, combined with the right vision, allowed the company to overcome start-up problems. Soon, a clear evolution of the company could be seen.

While we developed our principles in the waterworks sector we diversified our scope, in several areas such as: motorways, urbanization, unique buildings, sports facilities, water purification and other civil engineering work. The execution of various work and projects increased the size of our organization; we relocated to expand our reach throughout Spain.

The XXI century marked the transformation of the company. On one hand, the construction of large operations and working with big companies allowed the prestige of IDECONSA to increase and develop. However, internationalization and foreign expansion abroad showed the company adapting to new environments and circumstances. Finally, diversification, expansion of business lines into the service sector; water quality, conservation and operation of infrastructure, facility management and so on.